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Bolusso Adjustable Back Stretcher For Back Pain

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Temporarily includes a free e-book! “Say goodbye to back pain”

Are you looking for the most optimal backstretcher for back pain? Want to put an end to your chronic back pain and imbalances? This adjustable back stretcher from Bolusso will help you with these problems by bringing your back back back to its natural curvature!

Start slowly and build up!

(Chronic)Back, neck and shoulder pain should be taken very seriously. Therefore, it is NEVER to go off the deep end with the recovery process. This back stretcher is adjustable in 3 different heights, so you can set the stretcher to what feels fine for you! No hassle, just convenience.

Dive into the deep end

Once you have gotten used to the back stretcher, you may want to reach your muscles a little deeper. Therefore, Bolusso has made it possible to remove the middle massage pad. This will release even more acupuncture points that help with deep muscle stimulation.

Still too painful?

The 80 normal and 10 magnetic acupuncture points are ideal for lying down, but sometimes the pain is just too bad to endure. For that reason, this back stretcher is made so that you can also use it as a back support. Bolusso cares about your health and thus wants to make your recovery process as pleasant as possible!

Everything cracked and all

It should be clear that Bolusso puts your health first like no other.But still, here’s everything and more:

✅ Reduce (Chronic) back, neck and shoulder pain on your own terms;
✅ Decide how deep the stretch is with the 3 different heights;
✅ For deeper muscle stimulation, you can remove the soft massage pad;
✅ Possibly as a back support while sitting if lying down is still too painful for you;
✅ 80 normal and 10 magnetic acupuncture points to address any type of blockage in your upper body;
✅ And it’s tremendously lightweight, so you don’t have to lug it around. Bolusso wants to reduce your back pain and not make it worse!

100% Pain Reduction Guarantee

At Bolusso, we are 200% behind this backstretcher. We take your health and recovery process tremendously seriously. Therefore, should you not be satisfied, you may simply return within 30 days of your purchase FREE of charge! Let Bolusso help you with your back, neck and shoulder pain! Click on “+ add to cart”

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