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Bolusso Black Massage Oil Heater – 30 To 65 Degrees – Includes 2 Dispensers & Massage Tool

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Are you looking for the ultimate relaxation after a long day? Then discover the Massage Oil Warmer from Bolusso now! With this electric oil warmer, you will enjoy a wonderful warm massage that penetrates deeply into your muscles. In addition, you will receive two massage oil dispensers as well as a handy massage tool that will provide even more relaxation.

What am I receiving?

1x Bolusso massage oil warmer

2x handy massage oil dispenser (250ml)

1x massage tool

1x comprehensive manual

Massage Oil Warmer: Enjoy warm massage oil for a relaxing experience

With Bolusso’s electric massage oil warmer, you can now enjoy a delicious and warm massage oil. No more fussing with cold massage oil, cream or body lotion. This heater ensures that the oil is always the perfect temperature for a relaxing massage. You can set your own temperature and heat the oil from 30 to 65 degrees. In addition, the massage oil warmer also offers a convenient timer that allows you to automatically keep the oil at your chosen temperature for 1 to 24 hours.

Extra convenient: Includes 2 massage oil dispensers for different oils

With the Massage Oil Warmer from Bolusso, you get not one, but no less than two massage oil dispensers. This means you can use different oils, creams or body lotions depending on your preference and needs. For example, you can alternate between a relaxing lavender oil and a refreshing citrus oil.

Professional Results: Includes convenient massage tool

To take your massage experience to the next level, Bolusso’s Massage Oil Warmer comes with a Gua sha massage roller. This tool is perfect for reducing muscle tension, stimulating circulation and detoxifying the skin. With these professional tools, you can give yourself a wonderful massage wherever and whenever you want.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Set your own favorite temperature (30 to 65 degrees)
  • Contains a Timer: automatically keeps the oil, cream or body lotion warm for 1 to 24 hours
  • Suitable for both professional and home use
  • Includes 2 dispensers and a massage tool
  • The massage oil dispenser allows you to dispense the right amount of oil without spilling
  • Make your massage even more effective and enjoyable with the massage tool
  • Create a luxurious spa experience in your own home

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the massage oil warmer also suitable for creams and body lotions?

Yes, the warmer is suitable for both massage oils, creams and body lotions.

2. How does the Massage Oil Warmer from Bolusso work?

Bolusso’s Massage Oil Warmer is very easy to use. You just need to place the massage oil dispenser(s) in the heater, turn on the heater and finally set the desired temperature. The heater will heat the oil quickly and evenly, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful warm massage. Should you wish to keep the oil warm for a longer period of time, this can also be done using the timer function.

3. Will Bolusso’s massage oil warmer fit into my interior?

Yes indeed, this massage oil warmer has a sleek and modern design that will fit well into various interior styles. It is a great addition to any massage parlor or spa, but can also be used perfectly well in home environments.

4. Who is Bolusso’s Massage Oil Warmer suitable for?

Bolusso’s Massage Oil Warmer is suitable for anyone who enjoys massages and likes to use warm oil during massage. Whether you are a professional in the massage industry or just want to enjoy a relaxing massage at home, this heater is perfect for you.

5. What is the advantage of using a massage oil warmer?

With a massage oil warmer like the one from Bolusso, you can enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage with warm oil. Warm oil helps relax muscles, improves circulation and provides deeper relaxation. In addition, the heat allows the oil to be better absorbed into the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.

6. Can I also use Bolusso’s massage oil warmer without a massage oil dispenser or roller?

Yes, of course! Bolusso’s massage oil warmer can also be used without the included accessories. You can then easily heat the oil and dose it yourself with your hands or other massage tools.

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