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Bolusso Massage Oil Heater – Includes Dispenser and Massage Roller Tool

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Are you looking for the perfect way to take your massage experience to the next level? Then the Massage Oil Warmer from Bolusso is just what you need! With this electric massage device, you get the most out of your favorite massage oil by enjoying the warmth and relaxation provided by the oil warmer. With the massage oil dispenser and massage roller included, this is the most complete massage tool set guaranteed to take your massage experience to the next level. This package is also great for erotic massages and massage parlors! What are you waiting for?

What am I receiving?

1x Bolusso massage oil warmer

1x handy massage oil dispenser (300ml)

1x massage roller

1x Extended manual

Enjoy a relaxing massage with the Massage Oil Warmer from Bolusso

Pamper yourself with a warm massage oil during your relaxation moments. This electric oil warmer is specially designed to take your massage experience to the next level. With the built-in massage oil dispenser and the included massage roller, you have everything you need for a professional massage.

Discover the benefits of the Massage Roller from Bolusso

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Bolusso’s massage roller. This handy massage tool is ideal for relieving muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Whether you are an athlete or just in need of relaxation, the massage roller is a must-have accessory. Treat yourself to the ultimate massage experience.

The Electric Bottle Warmer for Massage Oil, a must-have for massage professionals

As a massage professional, you want to make sure your massage oil is always at the right temperature. With Bolusso’s Electric Bottle Warmer, you no longer have to worry about that. This handy gadget heats your massage oil to the perfect temperature so your clients can enjoy a warm and relaxing massage. Say goodbye to cold, unpleasant massage oil and welcome a new standard in massage comfort.

The benefits at a glance:

Just the right temperature for the body (heated at 60 celcius, oil will be about 55 celcius)

Suitable for both professional and home use

Keep your massage oil at the optimal temperature for a relaxing experience

The massage oil dispenser allows you to dispense the right amount of oil without spilling

With the massage roller you make the massage even more enjoyable

The massage oil warmer ensures that your massage oil always has the perfect temperature

Create a luxurious spa experience in your own home

With the massage oil dispenser, dispensing your favorite oil becomes a piece of cake.

Choose the Massage Oil Heater from Bolusso and enjoy a wonderful, warm and relaxing massage in your own home. This electric massage device keeps your massage oil at the perfect temperature. Use the Gua sha massage roller to take your massage experience to the next level. In addition, the electric bottle warmer is convenient and fast in heating your massage oil. With the massage oil dispenser, you easily dispense your favorite oil. Order now and experience for yourself the luxury of a professional massage at your home! Also suitable for erotic massages or massage parlors.

Frequently asked questions about Bolusso’s Massage Oil Warmer

1. Is the massage oil warmer also suitable for creams and body lotions?

Yes, the warmer is suitable for both massage oils, creams and body lotions.

2. Will Bolusso’s massage oil warmer fit into my interior?

Yes, this massage oil warmer has a sleek and modern design that will fit well in different interior styles. It is a great addition to any massage parlor or spa, but can also be used perfectly well in home environments.

3. Is Bolusso’s massage oil warmer easy to use?

Yes, this massage oil warmer is very easy to use. Fill the dispenser with your favorite massage oil, place it in the heater and set the desired temperature. In no time, the oil will be hot and ready for use. You can then easily dispense the oil using the included massage oil dispenser or roller.

4. What is the advantage of using a massage oil warmer?

With a massage oil warmer like the one from Bolusso, you can enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage with warm oil. Warm oil helps relax muscles, improves circulation and provides deeper relaxation. In addition, the heat allows the oil to be better absorbed into the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.

5. Can I also use Bolusso’s massage oil warmer without a massage oil dispenser or roller?

Yes, of course! Bolusso’s massage oil warmer can also be used without the included accessories. You can then easily heat the oil and dose it yourself with your hands or other massage tools.

6. Who can use Bolusso’s massage oil warmer?

Bolusso’s massage oil warmer can be used by both professionals and individuals. It is ideal for massage therapists, physical therapists, beauticians and anyone who would like to enjoy a relaxing massage at home. It is also commonly used in spas, wellness centers and massage parlors.

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