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Bolusso Premium Massage Gun Black

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Temporarily includes a free e-book! In it you will read tips on muscle recovery, the importance of proper nutrition and much more!

Are you looking for a professional massage gun? You suffered an injury while playing sports or an accident. It could also be that you simply slept wrong. Or you enjoy doing workouts, but you don’t want the stress and tension that comes with it. Then read on…
Bolusso® has some news. Something revolutionary, based on the idea of an American chiropractor: Jason Werseland. He devised this massage gun after a traffic accident to take care of himself. We at Bolusso® are here to make this beautiful invention accessible to everyone in the Benelux.

We did it! Body pain is no more.

Okay. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but this massage gun is extremely effective in treating body pain. This makes it especially suitable for athletes. But don’t let that put you off, because even if you don’t exercise and sit in the office all day, you can also use the Bolusso® massage gun just fine.

Innovative on every level, that’s the Bolusso® massage gun

Because the Bolusso® offers as many as 30 different modes, we guarantee you’ll find a preset that’s just right for you. To make it even more custom-made, we give you 8 attachments with it for free. Practical thinking is our expertise, because you can easily take this massage gun with you, because of our nice storage bag.

You get a Bolusso® manual, so you choose the right position and attachment!

That’s right! Bolusso® helps you create the ultimate treatment just for you. Originally, the massage gun is most commonly used in the professional sports domain. That’s why we’re so happy to bring this to market for everyone. To give an example of attachments, we have for example the ball head, it is designed for large muscle groups such as the back, chest and hips. That way all eight of them are in there and that way you know which one to choose.

The main advantages of the Bolusso® at a glance

The perfect solution – Whether you are experiencing an injury, muscle pain, stress, or tension. The Bolusso® that helps you do just that!
A complete set! – You get 8 attachments included for free with a machine that has as many as 30 different modes and a beautiful storage bag. You are ready immediately!
Sleek design and loud quiet – A wonderful grip to hold. We like to say: the eye wants something, too. That’s why we made it pleasing to the eye. And did we forget to mention that the Bolusso® is also loud silent in use?

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